Who is the "Queen of Crypto" wanted by the FBI by Marco Dell'Aguzzo

Ruja Ignatova, also known as "missing Cryptoqueen", has been included by the FBI in the list of the ten most wanted criminals. That's why The FBI, the U.S. Federal Police, has placed Ruja Ignatova on its list of the ten most wanted fugitive criminals. "MISSING CRYPTOQUEEN" The woman, of Bulgarian nationality, is about forty years old and is known by the nickname of missing Cryptoqueen: the missing queen of cryptocurrencies. She is wanted for her alleged involvement in a major cryptocurrency scam known as "OneCoin". The FBI accuses Ignatova of using a deceptive scheme to defraud its victims for more than $4 billion. She has been a fugitive since 2017, when the American authorities issued an arrest warrant against her. THE ONECOIN SCAM In 2014, OneCoin, a supposed cryptocurrency, began offering commissions to its buyers whenever they resold the coin to other people. However, FBI agents discovered that OneCoin had no value and was not even "hooked" to blockchain technology, used by other crypto-based digital currencies. In essence, OneCoin was not really a cryptocurrency but a "Ponzi scheme", that is, a pyramid scheme that is based on the recruitment of an increasing number of participants in the economic initiative (a scam, in fact), which go to enlarge the "base" of the imaginary pyramid by investing sums of money. To report profit, however, are only those who are at the "top" of the scheme, who collect a good part of the sums of the latest arrivals. Ignatova rode the moment of boom of cryptocurrencies and strong speculation in that market to develop a Ponzi scheme "disguised" as a digital currency. WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT RUJA IGNATOVA The FBI offers a reward of 100,000 to anyone who provides information useful for the capture of the woman. It is estimated that Ignatova lost track of himself with a capital in his possession of at least 500 million dollars. She probably altered her appearance and procured false documents of excellent workmanship. The last time she was spotted, in 2017, she was boarding a plane from Bulgaria to Greece. She is the only woman on the FBI's list of the ten most wanted fugitives.