A golden month for cryptocurrencies For BTC, ETH and BNB double-digit increases in the last month, but they are not the only ones

Adriano DE ROSA August 18, 2021

The bullish dynamic of cryptocurrencies continues with particular vigor. In fact, looking at the thirty days we have left behind, we can see a generalized growth of the main assets of the market. We look at the trends of the three giants of the sector by market capitalization. BITCOIN, which still maintains its dominance very firmly, went from around 27 thousand euros per unit on 18 July to around 39 thousand euros on 17 August, up by over 44%.

Over the same period, ETHEREUM, with the second largest offer in circulation, went from around 1600 euros per unit to 2660 euros, increasing its value by more than 66%.

In this strange ranking that sees projects born recently (sometimes out of nowhere) and others of longer course as protagonists, almost as if it unites marathon runners and centometrists in a single ranking, we find BINANCE COIN in third place. Far from Ethereum and very far from Bitcoin, it has also given great satisfaction to its investors, going from 261 euros per unit to 355 euros, increasing its value by 36%.

And how is our friend DogeCoin doing? Also for the Shiba Inu coin, the past month is a month to remember, having recorded an increase from 0.1573 euros per unit to 0.2648 euros, + 68%. In spite of the significant fluctuations it has been the protagonist of since the last time we talked about it, it was the month of April, its price per unit is currently substantially the same as then. This allows it to even position itself in seventh place, with a considerable advantage over the USD COIN tracker.

While many are under the umbrella of virtual coins, which are increasingly large to pretend to challenge traditional coins, they are racing in a rally of their own that promises to make them become more and more present in everyday life. The implementation of Smart Contracts in the most varied applications and the creation of decentralized finance services (often referred to as DeFi) promise not to relegate their growth to a phenomenon of the moment. However, the shadow of the tulip bubble or the one closest to the present day of the dot-coms would advise, in these cases, to adopt the utmost caution.