A new generation of billionaires is growing thanks to cryptocurrencies

Recently, Wells Fargo published a report acknowledging that the evolution of technology and the cryptocurrency market is following a pattern similar to that of the Internet 20 years ago. Wells Fargo is an American financial services multinational headquartered in San Francisco. It has assets under management that amounted to $ 1.955 billion in 2020. There is good reason to think that the growth in cryptocurrency users will be stronger than the explosion in Internet users. The number of Internet users is limited because they have to pay for a computer. Components aren't as plentiful and cheap as they once were, and new users need time to learn how to use the Internet. But now, the internet is mainstream. The metaphor of the Internet is the premise for indicating the potential development of cryptocurrencies, even faster than the Internet did. Imagine what the price of bitcoin (and many other altcoins) will be like if in the next 10-20 years the number of crypto users reaches 5,000,000,000 people on the Internet. This suggests that you have a chance to become a millionaire if you buy a small "sample" of BTC now.

But that aside, it has to be admitted: if the boom in tech companies has gone through the process of rising prices, then cryptography will be no exception. The S-shaped growth curve depicts a growth pattern that initially accelerates and then slows down. Carl Spackler (@BushwoodCapital on Twitter) agrees that the new cryptocurrency market is only at the starting point of the S-curve, relative to the growth of other important sectors of humanity. According to this model, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is set to grow enormously. It represents an urgent human need in terms of mass application. History teaches us: electricity, telephone, car, color TV, internet, radio…. and now crypto. The true value of bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general is always debated (or disputed). But as the controversy rages, the price of BTC has now gone from double digits to five digits. That's right, new zeros are added.

by Alessandro Crea Monday 14 February 2022 18:00 ARTICLE NEW GEN COMMENT:

Other authoritative commentators are very skeptical. Crypto-currencies, that is, being able to have a digital transaction of an "object" disconnected from the inflationary parameters of an official currency is also very good for us. We have a digital currency with ZERO energy costs. It may be that the development curve of Bitcoin stops because nations adopt a CBDC. Maybe our solution has ZERO energy costs. And then the billionaires make their fortune by condemning millions of poor people to Hell. Maybe a hell that looks like a technological paradise.