Basketball star LeBron James wants to educate young people about cryptocurrencies

According to a recent report, US basketball star LeBron James will partner with, the company behind the popular crypto ad Matt Damon, to work on a technology-focused program for kids around the world. will work with the James foundation to provide workforce development and educational opportunities on emerging technologies, including downtown areas. In a statement, LeBron said that "blockchain technology is revolutionizing our economy, sports and entertainment, the world of art and the way we interact with each other." According to a report by Research and Markets, the global blockchain industry is expected to be worth $ 56.7 billion by 2026. Through this project, educational programs with a focus on technological advancement will be offered to downtown communities. It will provide young people with the opportunity to explore Web3, which refers to the blockchain-based internet, including nFT. Web3 is touted as the future of a decentralized internet that gives consumers power over their data. LeBron said it is important to ensure that marginalized communities are not left behind in the technological revolution. She hopes that the collaboration with will remove the socio-economic barriers that hinder access to emerging technological trends. He noted that blockchain technology has revolutionized the economy, entertainment, sport and the world of art. His goal is to ensure that communities like the one he comes from are not left behind.

As for sports, several athletes have been working in the crypto world for some time. For example, some NBA stars have worked with NBA Top Shot, to make NFT mainstream. In addition to this, some saw the ongoing Olympic Games as an opportunity to promote the cryptocurrency sector. One of the biggest names to enter the NFT world was golf star Tiger Woods who partnered with Autograph in 2021 to release 10,000 NFTs. Speaking to ESPN at the time, the sports legend said: "The intersection of sport and technology is such an interesting space for me, and I am thrilled to be partnering with Autograph." Various companies have recognized the power of sport to raise awareness of the crypto industry. One such company is FTX, which has entered into a $ 135 million deal to rename the Miami Heat's NBA Arena. But while the cryptocurrency industry has grown in recent years, the problem of mass adoption has not been solved. Crypto was created to solve the problem of centralized control of the financial world. However, due to the steep learning curve required to enter the crypto and blockchain world, it remains out of reach for many. The recent partnership between James and could do a lot to lower this barrier to entry.