Twitter ready for its debut in cryptocurrencies: an ad hoc team has been baptized

The new group will be committed to "enhancing the sector by setting a strategy for the future". He will work with the Bluesky team, which will create the standard for decentralizing social networks 11 Nov 2021 Veronica Balocco

The Twitter team dedicated to cryptocurrencies is born. The group is called Twitter Crypto and will be led by female engineer Tess Rinearson, who posted her new assignment on her social network. In a statement to the Financial Times, a spokesperson explained that the Crypto team will be committed to "enhancing the cryptocurrency sector by setting a strategy for the future of Twitter". "First, we will explore how we can support the growing interest among creators in using decentralized apps to manage virtual assets and currencies," Rinearson pointed out. Going further, we want to understand how cryptocurrency enthusiasts can help us unlock new features, which have to do with data, digital assets and much more. " Bitcoin on Square Dorsey, who has always been an admirer of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular, has integrated digital currency in Square, the payments app that he launched in March of this year. In the future of Twitter there are also non-fungible tokens, NFTs, digital collectibles that exploded in popularity in 2021 and that some social media users use as their profile picture. Twitter Crypto will work closely with Bluesky, an independent group founded in 2019 by the founder and CEO of the social network, Jack Dorsey, with the aim of creating a standard for decentralizing social networks, i.e. to allow platforms to use software solutions. like algorithms, based on open code projects and not just those of today, in the hands of a few giants, who can control their behavior. This should give greater accuracy in the management of fake news and cyber bullying.


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