Digital advertising and scams, $68 billion at risk

Juniper Research's forecasts of the global impact for 2022 alone. In the top five and the most affected countries the United States, Japan, China, Korea and the United Kingdom, which are worth 60% of lost profits 21 Feb 2022 Antonello Salerno

In 2022, digital advertising fraud will cause an overall global loss of $68 billion, $9 billion more than the $59 billion recorded in 2021. These are the predictions of the latest study carried out by Juniper Research on the subject (Digital Advertising Fraud: Key Trends, Competitor Landscape & Market Forecasts 2022-2026), which identifies the 5 countries where the impact of these frauds is strongest, and which alone represent 60% of global losses. These are in the order of the United States, Japan, China, Korea and the United Kingdom. United States first victim of fraud in digital advertising According to research carried out by Juniper Research , fraudulent digital advertising primarily impacts the United States, which alone suffers 35% of the losses on a global scale due to this phenomenon, and which in 2022 could reach more than 23 billion dollars. To motivate this trend there is the fact that the USA is the most important market if we consider spending on digital advertising, thanks to the fact that – explains Juniper – the deep penetration of the Internet in the country and the wide use of navigation via mobile app and via PC browser represent an important opportunity for promotional content that travels through these channels. Scarlett Woodford: "We will need more and more effective solutions against scams" "The fact that the United States represents a significant market in terms of spending on digital advertising – explains Scarlett Woodford, author of the research – has the consequence that the campaigns attract the attention of players specialized in fraud. This dynamic will lead to the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies for these scams, with advertisers having to progressively equip themselves with increasingly effective technologies and solutions for the detection of these irregularities and to minimize their impact". The importance of Fraud detection & mitigation tools The only way to respond effectively to the steady growth of digital advertising fraud, according to Juniper Research's analysis, is for advertisers to pay perticular attention to what is happening in the five major markets afflicted by this problem, and to be able to quickly partner with companies that specialize in fraud detection and prevention. that they can make available their ability to distinguish between the traffic generated by the real campaigns and that which comes from fraudulent activities, since the latter do not give any return compared to the expenses. According to the analysis of Juniper Research , the most effective tools in these situations are those that are able to identify irregularities automatically, thanks to machine learning algorithms that facilitate the comparison of advertising traffic with a certain and verifiable database from previous campaigns. Through these solutions, in fact, it is possible to maximize the return on investment and quickly detect any fraud attempt, even the most advanced ones.