Fintech, one in six investors in Italy, focuses on cryptocurrencies. Ethereum on pole

Analysis of the audience of those who bet on digital currencies conducted by trader Xtb on 120,000 users in 13 countries. We are below the global average but with one of the highest shares of operational women 21 Feb 2022 Patrizia Licata Journalist The propensity of global investors to focus on cryptocurrencies is growing. The best known is Bitcoin but the most used for investment operations is Ethereum; the third is Ripple. The typical profile is of a young investor trading on mobile; the majority is represented by men but Italy has one of the highest quotas of women. These are some of the data that emerge from the analysis conducted by Xtb, a global player in online financial investments, on a base of 120,000 active users in 13 countries including Italy. Almost a third of active Xtb investors in 2021 carried out at least one crypto transaction. This percentage is highest in the Czech Republic (41.2%), Spain (37.7%), Portugal (36.3%) and Germany (28.7%), while Italy stands at 15.2%. %. Index of topics • Identikit of the crypto-investor • Xtb, preliminary results 2021 Identikit of the crypto-investor On average, the cryptocurrency investor is 34 years old, makes 5 Cfd (contract for difference) crypto transactions per year, uses the mobile app for trading, with an average contract duration of 3 and 21 days hours, and in the vast majority of cases he is a man. The largest percentages of female investors in Europe are recorded in Italy (7.3%), Portugal (10%) and Romania (12%). Time and ease of use are the essential factors in cryptocurrency trading available 24/7: this is why mobile applications, the most used by Xtb investors (67.2%), are growing in popularity. There are 8000 different cryptocurrencies on the market. The most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, but the crypto investor of Xtb prefers Ethereum of all. Xtb, preliminary results 2021 In 2021 Xtb marked a record year for the customer base to which more than 189,000 new entries were added for a total of 429,000 users. Trading volumes on CFDs also increased, from 3.2 million in 2020 to 4.1 million lots (+ 29.3% year on year). The value of deposits increased from € 425 million in 2020 to € 637.8 million in 2021 (+ 49.6%). The company, which has just presented the preliminary results for 2021, closed the year with a net profit of 52 million euros, consolidated revenues of 136.7 million euros and operating costs of 76.2 million euros. In particular, with regard to revenues by instrument class, commodity CFDs ranked as best performers in 2021 with a share that reached 49.3% compared to 33.0% the previous year. The second most profitable asset class for XtbB was represented by indexed CFDs whose share in 2021 reached 32.8%. Xtc points out that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a significant risk of losing money quickly due to leverage.