Hyundai brings Boston Dynamics' robot dog into the metaverse

Many details have yet to be disclosed, but Korean auto giant Hyundai wants to use the hardware from Boston Dynamics’s famous robot dog as a kind of real-world proxy for VR interactions. "The idea behind Metamobility is that space, time and distance will all become irrelevant. By connecting robots to the metaverse, we will be able to move freely between the real world and virtual reality. Taking a step up from the immersive proxy 'be there' experience that the metaverse provides, robots will become an extension of our physical senses, allowing us to reshape and enrich our daily lives with metamobility, ”explained the Hyundai president. Motor Group, Chang Song. Hyundai also described a scenario where a user accesses a "digital twin of their home in the metaverse while away from their physical home". With this feature, users will be able to feed and hug a pet in Korea through the use of an avatar robot. "This will allow users to enjoy real-world experiences through virtual reality."

In December, Alibaba registered a new company in Beijing called Yuanjing Shengsheng focused on the gaming aspects of the metaverse. According to reports, the new unit has $ 1.6 million of registered capital. However, it is not clear which initiatives the new unit will work on.