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I’ll explain the economic war that will come

I’ll explain why Bitcoin and crypto are not to be scrapped

Illegal online trading, off to the Consob-Guardia di Finanza task force

In Hawaii, bills are crypto-friendly

In Jordan, the population is turning to cryptocurrency

In Sweden, they are convinced that cryptocurrency mining threatens the climate

India considers doubling taxes on cryptocurrencies

India does not want cryptocurrencies as a payment, but considers them as assets

India: prison for citizens who use cryptocurrencies for payments

Indonesian Islamic organization still against bitcoin

Inflation in Argentina at 50% pushes the demand for cryptographic credit cards

Innovation: Italy at the top of scientific research, but more R&D is needed


Iran may decide to allow the use of digital currencies for international payments

Iran will soon experiment with the central bank’s digital currency

Is Dogecoin a good investment for this year?

Is SpaceX considering a dogecoin payment option?

Is the Bitcoin mining industry on the verge of collapse? Here’s what the experts think

Is the United States the new bitcoin paradise?

Is there a positive side of cryptocurrencies?

Isybank, how Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital bank will be (which will compete with Widiba, Flowe and Dots)

It is also a war on cryptocurrencies. What is happening

Italian identity cards stolen from a crypto exchange

ItsArt, flop of the Italian Netflix: losses for 7.5 million