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Malware, yet another return of Zloader: from the new “variant” already 2,000 victims in 111 countries

McDonald’s responds to Elon Musk’s request to accept dogecoin

McDonald’s will bring its own virtual restaurant to the metaverse

Mef decree on cryptocurrencies, what goes (and what doesn’t)

Meta, revenues down for the first time in history. Profits in swoop

Microsoft is hiring a director of Crypto Business Development to execute its Web3 strategy

Microsoft is targeting Web3 and looking for cryptographic experts

Millionaire crypto wallet linked to Russian oligarchs sanctioned

More sims than humans: the 8 billion ceiling has been breached, 660 million enabled for 5G

More than 3,000 illegal mining machines confiscated in Iran

Morocco first in North Africa for bitcoin trading

Musk in the storm: 258 billion lawsuit for Dogecoin, accusations in Tesla and the Twitter affair

Myanmar bans cryptocurrencies. Prison sentences of up to one year

Myanmar thinks about stablecoins after the failure of a digital currency