Will Intel's blockchain chip solve bitcoin's climate problem?

Intel Corporation CEO Patrick Gelsinger believes his company's next crypto mining chip could help solve bitcoin's "climate problem". His most recent comments on bitcoin were made during an interview with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Studio 1.0". Chang began by reminding Gelsinger that in 2019 she criticized bitcoin as "bad design, extreme and climate intolerant", and at that point she asked him if she still had the same idea. Gelsinger replied that he has not changed his mind about bitcoin's excessive energy consumption and the fact that it can be used for illicit uses. But he also mentioned that it could help many states and people in need. So he concluded that it is a good technology but that "we are not using it well yet". Ph. Marco Verch "Well, Intel is about to bring forward a blockchain chip that is hugely better, that is ... orders of magnitude higher in terms of energy performance ... We want to work with the industry to find ways that technologies like blockchain can be properly regulated, managed so that they can be fully realized, ”Gelsinger emphasized. “So, yes, this is one of those areas that we will be working on to solve this problem because this is a powerful technology. An immutable digitized entry system can transform currency transactions, the supply chain. So yes, this is exciting ”.