IRAN CONFISCATES HARDWARE MINING More than 3,000 illegal mining machines confiscated in Iran

We told you how Iran is encouraging mining, in particular the opening of "official" mining farms on its territory. The choice aims, on the one hand, to limit illicit mining, which in February 2021 caused repeated blackouts in the country; on the other hand, it could make it possible to convert embargoed energy resources, in particular by the United States, into cryptocurrencies. What is the maxi-kidnapping carried out by the Iranian government?

It should be remembered that Iran does not apply a variable cost to electricity, thanks to the supply of oil and raw materials. Therefore it is forced to limit energy consumption, especially in summer, through temporary bans and other national initiatives. A few weeks ago, Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company (Tavanir) repeatedly warned miners - both home and organized - to avoid excessive energy consumption, under penalty of the need to confiscate hardware and limit access to supply. of energy. Tavanir announced through the English-language Iranian business newspaper Financial Tribune that it had confiscated 3,000 cryptocurrency mining machines and closed more than 180 mining farms in Tehran province alone. These add to the more than 600 farms already blocked, in the course of 2021, in the province of Kerman, while other illegal mining pools have been located in the provinces of Khuzestan, Mazandaran, Qom and Bushehr. Ph. Marco Verch Tehran's squeeze on illegal and / or autonomous mining farms is also dictated by the choice to carefully regulate mining and to promote government authorizations. Iran is not the only state that aims to attract miners to its territory, encouraging and controlling their activity. Such an extensive opening policy is also about to be adopted by Texas, which dreams of becoming the "miner's paradise" in the United States.