AssangeDAO, beware of scams based on this project

According to blockchain security firm PeckShield, a fake version of AssangeDAO, a project created to support Wikileaks creator Julian Assange, ran on the Balance Smart Chain and allowed developers to mislead at least 536 users who swapped their ETH for the token of the DAO. The overall value of the stolen funds is still unclear as the DAO token is not traded on open and traceable markets.

The developers have chosen to use the 100% sales tax, which allows contract creators to receive funds fully after users decide to sell a token for any reason. In order not to get trapped in a honeypot contract, PeckShield asked users to do their own research and be careful.

Previously, the same company that uncovered the scam behind the DAO released a list of 50 tokens that have certain types of vulnerabilities in their contracts that allow their developers to steal or receive access to user funds. In addition to numerous projects that leave “backdoors” in their smart contracts to illegally steal funds, hackers are sometimes able to exploit the vulnerabilities of large projects and platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible. Previously, a hacker had been able to make a profit by selling and buying NFTs on two different platforms, which allowed him to buy a token at a lower market price and sell it higher.

by Alessandro Crea Monday 14 February 2022 12:00