Well-known hacker claims to have accumulated $ 7 billion in BTC: is it true?

Gummo, a former blackhat hacker, claims that he used four supercomputers to mine Bitcoin when the price was just $ 200-300: by then he had accumulated 179,000 BTC.

• Gummo, a former blackhat hacker, claims to have accumulated Bitcoin (BTC) worth about $ 7 billion. However, aside from a few interviews posted on the “Soft White Underbelly” YouTube channel, it's hard to find information about Gummo anywhere else. On the one hand, the hacker may have understandably avoided sharing this personal information on the web, but on the other hand, his extravagant claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Gummo says he has worked in the field for over 30 years. He initially hacked him for illegal reasons, but then passed into law after being caught by the authorities. Now, thanks to his wife's support and advice, he is in charge of threat hunting, cybersecurity and developer consulting. The hacker released his latest statements during an interview published on Saturday, which followed a discussion that took place at the end of 2020. In the first video, Gummo tells of having assembled, in 2013, four supercomputers for the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin. : at the time, the price of the asset was around $ 200-300, and it managed to generate over 80,000 BTC in just a year and a half. Overall, he would have managed to accumulate around 179,000 BTC. In other words, according to the current value of Bitcoin, he would be the 369th richest person on the planet: “I am very rich. I don't need to work if I don't want to, I own over seven billion dollars in Bitcoin. " "Nothing will stand in the way of simplicity and the decentralized future #Bitcoin" Gummo explained that his current job as a hacker is motivated not by a desire for money, but by wanting to help the weak. He also stressed the importance of doing the right thing, and protecting people from the dangers of the network: "Knowing that I'm preventing someone's grandmother from falling victim to some online extortion scheme: this is what makes me get out of bed in the morning and what motivates my actions." Gummo also discussed the world of hacking, stating that we quickly went from having "endless javascript pop-ups" that are more annoying than anything else, to the far more dangerous theft of personal data: “The landscape is getting darker and more sinister as more and more people want to get rich, through the theft of cryptocurrencies or funds from bank accounts. [...] The fact that governments are now willing to wage war on just the idea of distributing software is pretty scary, and unfortunately this will be the new reality of society. "

COMMENT: good. The fears are justified. I disagree on the inexorable future of Bitcoin. If Western Governments wake up they can choose CDBC like ours which has zero environmental costs. it is not greenwashing as many do. It is true green technology. Remember that the block-chain system is a system of false democracy. There are equal conditions between the nodes, but it is like arguing that the Knights Templar were democratic because they shared food and property. Now mining is reserved for a few supercomputer owners. The common citizen who buys cryptocurrencies has infinite possibilities of being scammed, from the Ponzi method to the theft of badly invested money. Combining an anarchist system with a state system is impossible. This is demonstrated by Meta (Facebook) who has given up on launching its cryptocurrency. So we hope that the world will realize the validity of the proposed exhibition of digital currency that respects the canons of the CBDC.