Youtube changes skin: a "super-store" for streaming is underway

In the pipeline the launch of a platform for the purchase of subscriptions to the services provided by Netflix & co. Negotiations with the production companies have already begun

16 Aug 2022

L. O.

Youtube at the turning point. The Google-owned platform aims to turn into a marketplace that will aggregate video streaming channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple, among others. A sort of "maxi-showcase" for online content able to face the fierce competition in the sector.

Index of topics

•             What is the state of play of the project

•             An anti-competition "maxi-showcase"

At what point is the project

The new platform has been in the works for at least 18 months and could be available soon, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The project does not come out of nowhere. In the U.S., YouTube TV already offers a paid service ($65 per month) to allow users to subscribe to HBO Max, Starz or Showtime and other channels.

Negotiations with the production companies to plan the division of revenues have already begun: "The terms – writes the Wall Street Journal – may vary greatly for each partner". With the new "revolution", however, the site could reinvent itself as a real megacatalogue what you can see online for a fee.

An anti-competition "maxi-showcase"

In this way, companies will have the opportunity to be seen on a common showcase and have more opportunities to make their offer known, especially in a market that is now saturating with streaming offer.

In the future, YouTube could thus become an aggregator of everything that can be streamed on demand. But that's not all: it will offer a way to find the content you are looking for.