Italian identity cards stolen from a crypto exchange

Digital economy Fintech cryptocurrencies Over 8 GB of data stolen from the servers of an exchange: inside them, unfortunately, also the identity cards of many Italian citizens. Unsplash

A massive data breach hit Bolton Coin, a platform active on the cryptocurrency front as an exchange. The violation, which occurred on April 30, led to the unauthorized dissemination of data and documents for an amount quantified in 8.4 GB (in total 9,008 files). The serious violation was reported by researchers from Yoroi, a company of the TinextaCyber Group. Bolton Coin: data breach with Italian identity cards The contents were distributed through a Telegram channel. Unfortunately, the archive contains the identity cards belonging to about 2,500 Italian citizens, all valid. This is the comment by Marco Ramilli, CEO of Yoroi. Episodes like this reveal the fragility of our digital life. The data available from identity cards can in fact be used for fraud and identity theft. While it is the responsibility of the authorities to investigate and block the data leak, it is the duty of all of us to secure our digital data and to demand the highest standards of protection from each service. The advice for those involved is to protect their digital identity with strong passwords, multi-factor authentication and biometric protections as soon as possible. In the meantime, we suggest everyone to beware of suspicious messages or messages from strangers either via SMS or app, or via email.

As shown above, each of the documents is associated with a photo portraying the face of the rightful owner, uploaded as requested by the exchange during registration. To the advice provided by the CEO of Yoroi, we add one aimed at those who intend to try their hand at trading cryptocurrencies: pay particular attention to the exchange to which they rely on their data and savings. Among the most well-known and reliable platforms, we recommend two industry leaders: Binance (the number one for the volume of transactions managed) and Coinbase.