How and how much central banks invest in green

Bloomberg Report by Start Magazine editorial staff

What emerges from a Bloomberg study on green investments by central banks Central banks are increasingly interested in green and socially responsible investing, with 43% of respondents in the HSBC Reserve Management Trends for 2021 survey saying they have bought green bonds. The questionnaire conducted between February and April found that officials at 57 central banks, with assets of $ 3.8 trillion, were already incorporating social and environmental criteria into decision-making or considering doing so. Only 25% of institutions have not taken this direction, citing the lack of compatibility with their mandates as the main reason - reports Bloomberg. At a time when Europe is trying to become the largest global issuer of green debt, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde has made work on climate change a priority. Climate change is a key element of the strategic review currently underway at the ECB, and monetary authorities are also addressing the issue elsewhere. The Swiss National Bank last year excluded coal mines from its equity portfolio, while earlier this month the Bank of Japan gave one of its strongest indications saying that the need to act on climate change was on its side. radar.

At 43%, the share of institutions holding green bonds was higher than that of inflation-linked bonds or mortgage-backed securities. Interest in green bonds is particularly strong among high-income countries, according to the survey sponsored by HSBC. In the long run, digital currencies were seen as having an impact on reserve management, the survey reported. (Extract from the foreign press review by Epr Comunicazione)