Deus DAO attacked again, loses more than USD 13M in the hack Source: Adobe / Maksim Kabakou

Another day, another attack. Deus Finance DAO appears to have lost at least $ 13 million in the latest flashloan attack. The project which describes itself as a "decentralized bilateral OTC [over-the-counter] derivatives platform" confirmed the attack, arguing that user funds are safe, and adding that DEI loans have been put on hold. The details of the Deus DAO hack; how was this made possible? According to its website, the platform has two coins for its users: the DEUS protocol token and the fractional reserve DEI stablecoin, which is "majority backed by a trusted stablecoin." For now, no further details are available from the project itself, including the amount lost. However, according to blockchain security firm PeckShield, the attacker walked away with about $ 13.4 million, while the loss to the protocol could be even greater. On the other hand, the alert account of the security-focused ranking platform CertiK tweeted that the attacker made nearly $ 16.84 million in profit. Furthermore, the platform said, the attacker had about $ 15.7 million in assets in his wallet about two hours ago. At 7:35 UTC, the wallet was showing an ethereum (ETH) value of 2,483. The attacker would have transferred the funds up to about an hour before the time of publication. According to the platform, 5,446 ETH ($ 15.78 million) was moved to the Tornado Cash privacy solution. The two companies shared FTMScan transaction details showing millions of US dollars mostly in USD coin (USDC) and partially in DEI transferred a few hours ago. An address said to be involved in the hack currently only has $ 132.5 in its name as the funds have been transferred. PeckShield stated that "the hack was made possible due to the flash loan-assisted manipulation of the oracle of prices", so "the manipulated price of the DEI collateral is then used to borrow and drain the pool". This isn't the first time the decentralized finance (DeFi) market has been attacked for millions of dollars worth of coins: just over a month ago, on March 15, it lost around $ 3 million in an apparently very similar way to the same, according to PeckShield. According to the post-mortem, a hacker used a flash loan attack against their Oracles. "We will make sure everyone is healthy again - anyone affected by the hack will be fully refunded," the team behind the DeFi project said at the time.