Letter from the director. Anniversary of the Twin Towers.

The shocking images from then and now in Afghanistan testify that mistakes were made but the war was not lost, only one important battle was lost. The war continues with cyber security against hacker attacks, with climate change, with economic measures, with the conquest of space.

By analyzing the errors, politicians have evidently been presented with inadequate solutions or equally inadequate analyzes. The same is happening in the field of cyber security. Everyone now realizes the economic importance of the war on hackers.

I have participated in various trade fairs in the sector and the greatest concern of managers and sellers was to take home the contract with the customer, creating a rubber wall when I tried to exhibit my solutions. Someone understood that my solutions were the best, but obviously didn't lift a finger to promote them. Others mocked: let's see who takes away our jobs.

We see that, even in the specifications of the Italian State on the perimeter to be defended for national cyber security, they speak of the key-public key-private structure, which I will not tire of repeating is completely superseded by our solutions, both in the field of cyber-security and in the innovative field of digital currencies.

Well, in Italy they don't listen to me, I don't have the right party card to make a career? They don't even mention cryptography as a defense. Good. Nemo propheta in patria. I am free to sell my solutions to those who will make the small effort of listening to me and reading the presentations on the sites www.technosolution.org and www.realdigitalcurrency.com. You can see that we try to solve some big problems, from cyber security to national independence to climate change related to cryptocurrencies.

Don't make the mistake of Afghanistan 2021. Don't listen to advisors interested in selling their own solutions. Of course, everyone has a family and prefers to sell their zircon, perhaps despising a diamond that is not perfectly polished.

But at this point the stakes are so great that we no longer have to see, even in the field of cyber security, the science fiction weapons of the Marines in the hands of the smiling Taliban.