Coinbase outlines its policy in light of the new rules that states are adopting a comment

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Coinbase outlines its new policy, especially in view of the cryptocurrency regulations that states have already begun to introduce. After the incredible rise of the past few years, cryptocurrencies in Italy have "the minutes numbered". A forthcoming decree, in fact, will sanction the introduction of a register managed by the OAM (the body of credit agents and brokers) to which operators must necessarily register. Penalty the ban on operating in Italy, complete with an obscured website. The register will census customer identification data and all (synthetic) operational data of those who offer services related to virtual currencies, as well as digital wallet services. Among these operators there is also Coinbase, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges that can boast over 73 million registered users worldwide. To adapt to an increasingly regulated digital future, the platform has decided to outline and trace its own policy in this regard.

Coinbase: what's the next step?

In the ten years since its founding, Coinbase has become one of the world's leaders in digital currency transactions. Its main function is that of "Stock Exchange", which allows you to buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies for your purchases. Any natural person or company who requests it can open their own account including a wallet, a sort of digital wallet in which all the cryptocurrencies are kept. Faced with the new rules that countries around the world are adopting on the issue, Coinbase has decided to take a rather clear position, in particular with regard to the removal of accounts and content moderation following alleged illegal events. Coinbase believes that companies need to put in place strict controls to prevent censorship or unfair account closure. “Companies are in a difficult position - said the platform in a post published on its blog - when they choose to censor or close a customer account. What often seems like an easy decision, especially under the pressure of public opinion, turns out to have unwanted consequences and sets a dangerous precedent for the role of private companies in society ". Furthermore, products aimed at users deserve “additional consideration” and that the First Amendment (US, in this case) could potentially be used as a test or limitation. "We believe this approach is akin to our mission to create economic freedom in the world, and with the ethics of cryptocurrencies," the platform added. Do you want to take your first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies too? By signing up for Coinbase you will be able to buy and sell easily and store everything within a digital wallet.