Helping Ukrainians with the NFT collection on FabriikX

Adam Hawley, managing partner of NfTfamiliars, collaborated with Yuriy Porytko of the Ukrainian-American sports club Tryzub and the NFT market FabriikX to launch the Ukrainian Relief NFT collection. The trio will donate 100% of the proceeds from NFT sales to the Joint Ukrainian-American Relief Committee (UUARC). "The funds [were] donated [to Ukrainians] to help them restore their faith in humanity and to provide them with the tools to rebuild their lives," Hawley said. "I believe that an NFT sale on a blockchain is an ideal way to transfer funds directly to those who need it. Offering a digital image that stays on-chain is a reminder of the impact we have on others in times of need. The NFT allows the donor to withhold a gift in return as a reminder, which they may come forward in the future. NFTs are popular right now, so why not shift gears and show people that they can be useful tools beyond their focus as speculative assets." Hawley said the inspiration for the NFT collection came from a strong desire to help people in need. The Ukrainian Relief NFT collection has a total size of 200 and is currently available on FabriikX. There are two unique NFTs, one work of art titled "Stand with Ukraine" and the other titled "Ukrainian Effort", within the collection and each has 100 editions. Both are sold for $100, which is the average donation size, in the relief organization at the moment. Hawley explained for the NFT "Stand with Ukraine" that "the statue in front of the fence is like an angel standing to protect his people." For "Ukrainian Effort," Hawley said that "the idea came from my dear friend Yuriy, who is coordinating the relief effort. He sent me the logo, 'the coat of arms of Ukraine', and I felt it had to be put on the fence that represents both the strength and the precarious destiny of the people who are in the balance." "The fence symbolized the value that can come from many pieces that tie together to form protection. And the idea of using the coat of arms came from me, I see it as representing both the strength and the precarious destiny of the Ukrainian people who are in the balance," Porytko said.