Asstel, Sarmi: “It's time to review the electrosmog limits. We need to accelerate on 5G "

The president of the association: "Intervention expected for years which today assumes an even more central importance for the objectives of the NRP. The institutions undertake an orderly review of the rules " 22 Feb 2022

Remove regulatory obstacles in the telecommunications market. Asstel spoke today at a hearing at the Senate Commission X (Industry) as part of the examination of the annual Competition Bill. According to the association, the context of the Italian telecommunications market is already characterized by a very high level of competition, so provisions on the subject must be aimed at favoring the exercise of the activity of operators, to go in the direction of maximum simplification and strengthening the stability and predictability of the regulatory framework. Approach in line with what was reported by the Competition Authority in the pages dedicated to the sector in its report to Parliament in March 2021. In this respect, an important need from the Tlc Industry - not dealt with in the bill despite the clear indication expressed by the Agcm - regards the institutions taking charge of an orderly process of revision of the rules on the subject of exposure to electromagnetic fields, which can further favor the development of infrastructural competition in the mobile radio sector. Asstel hopes that this argument can be resumed during the course of the provision. "We can work for a review of the electromagnetic limits currently in force in Italy for mobile telephone systems, with a view to aligning them with European standards - underlines the president of Asstel, Massimo Sarmi -. An intervention that has been awaited for years and which today assumes an even more central importance for the whole country: less stringent limits would in fact allow to accelerate the achievement of the national territory coverage objectives in 5G technology, to which the National Recovery and Resilience Plan assigns. over 2 billion euros. All this by making the most of the potential of existing antennas and reducing the number of those to be installed from scratch ". Furthermore, in the Ddl there are proposals of interest aimed at facilitating the creation of fixed networks, at greater consumer protection in the sector of payments by telephone credit and at strengthening the stability of the regulatory system through improvements in the process of appointing the Board of the Authority. for Communications Guarantees. Asstel believes that the intent of the proposed rules can be shared; the intervention on the Agcom appointment process is certainly positive. "As TLC operators we want to make our contribution - explains Sarmi - to make the Bill better and avoid that shared intentions are translated into rules that actually increase the complexity of the sector: our suggestion is to avoid excessively detailed prescriptions and not to proceed the imposition of coordination obligations, however unclear in their operational declination, which would complicate the implementation of the Vhcn Networks when the maximum effort must instead be made to achieve the objectives of the NRP. It is also of fundamental importance, in order to avoid competitive disadvantages for Operators, to take into account the complexity of a digital market in which payment instruments and communication services converge and which sees growing competition from players outside the sector. We must focus on this decisive moment to promote investments and competitiveness of the Italian system ”.